Day 12/19 – From the Westfjords we headed to the ring road to make it around the island clockwise. We visited KIDKA Wool Factory in Hvammstangi.

The factory is managed by a lady from Germany, who allowed me to take some pictures of the work room. I immediately fell in love with the old machinery, which is still working. 

Day 14/19 – Mission accomplished! We even saw some Humpbacks on our whale watching tour with Gentle Giants at Skjálfandi Bay near Husavik. Even if I didn’t catch a beautiful fluke pic. But that’s the blowhole and not less interesting.

Although I have to say I’m still not sure if the whale watching tourism is really for the sake of these majestic animals. We were on a speed boat, heading faster and closer to the whales popping up from time to time than the bigger boats were able to. But I’m pretty sure the whales didn’t appreciate this hectic traffic around them.

Knitting machine in the Kidka wool factory in Hvammstangi

Day 13/19 – That’s the landscape of Hverarönd at Námaskarð near Myvatn lake. It’s a field with fumaroles and solfataras, with hot springs and mud pots, and with a strong smell of sulfur hanging over the whole nearly unreal scenery. Getting weather like we had makes it even better, especially for a photographer.

On day 15/19 we drove from Myvatn to and down along the east coast and found a cosy camp site – actually the most beautiful of the whole trip – at the west coast of Berufjördur fjord. A great landscape there, I highly recommend it, and you can start from there for some trekking and hiking tours.

This pic shows an actual problem in Iceland, caused mostly by not very attentive tourists, who don’t care for people living there. We always stayed at camp sites, just to have facilities and not to harm the landscape or its owners.