You take care of business!

I will present it the right way.
I will support you
  • editorially and journalistically
  • in your company’s corporate publishing in print and online

Corporate journalism is journalism in the context of a company’s public relations work.

Target groups are customers, shareholders, employees or partner organizations. Ideally, the audience will get information about the company that is solidly prepared and excitingly presented using high journalistic standards.


I reported from Central Asia for Akzente, the customer magazine of the German Corporation for International Cooperation (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ), for several years.

In addition, during my three and a half years at the German Chamber of Commerce in Central Asia (AHK) I singlehandedly started and ran the members’ magazine Prospekt and was solely responsible for both its content and organization.

I have been editor for the bilingual internet presence and social media channels of AHK since January 2012.


I will undertake and organize the following for you. Any specific preparatory work you require can be discussed individually.



Contribution to customer, employee and member magazines


Editing of publications and online projects


Designing of publications and online projects


Market research



Content management


Web design


Management of your social media channels in accordance with your communication strategy


Design, layout of publications

Journalistic independence

It can be awkward for journalists working on non-critical assignments, which has been rightly criticized by journalists associations such as the Freischreiber because journalistic independence no longer applies.

I draw a clear line between my activity as correspondent and my corporate publishing projects, and I do not report about companies I have worked for in my articles and radio reports. In case of doubt, I clarify the feasibility with the editor in advance