In May 2017 my first book, the Architectural Guide Dushanbe, was be published by DOM publishers.

Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, is located on the edge of two worlds. In the south – Afghanistan, perpetual trouble spot and with the neighbors culturally closely connected. In the north – the former Soviet empire, dominating this region for decades.

But only the Soviet Union, conquering Tajikistan in the 1920s, made a city out of the tiny market spot. Soon the fast growing town became the most important Soviet outpost at its demarcation line to the Orient.

On more than 200 pages this architectural guide presents buildings and projects, reaching from Constructivism – the “Soviet Bauhaus” – over Socialist Realism to the Gigantomanism of the independent modern Tajikistan.

Unfortunately dozens of historic buildings have already disappeared or are acutely threatened by demolition due to construction activities targeted to nearly completely rebuild the historic city center. The book therefore is not only a knowledgeable portrait of a city between Persian history, Soviet architecture and Tajik modernity, but a – possibly final – inventory of its architectural heritage.

The book – so far only in German – can be ordered from DOM Publishers or Amazon.